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8 Signs of a Qualified Orthodontist

Learn more about the orthodontic procedures that can help reshape your entire smile. 
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Bad teeth can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and painful at times. It can also be embarrassing if it affects your appearance. Orthodontists specialize in fixing oral problems by using devices like braces. These specialists fix gaps, underbites, and overbites in teeth, along with other dental problems involving the facial muscles, teeth, and jaw.

Orthodontists go through two extra years of specialized training upon graduation. This qualification is due to selectivity and competition. Sometimes, recommendations from colleagues and friends may not provide you with enough assurance to choose a specific orthodontist, which means you will need to do some additional research. Anytime you have a dental problem, there are plenty of orthodontists that are available nearby. However, not every orthodontist is created equal. The following are some of the top qualities that good orthodontists possess.

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Have a can-do mentality
  3. Energy and enthusiasm
  4. Good eye contact
  5. Positive attitude
  6. Always wear a smile

Just having a basic conversation with an orthodontist will tell you a lot about them. There is always plenty of proof that a practitioner is qualified. A well-maintained and clean office provides patients with a good first impression.

A patient will most likely be able to sense what the staff's basic level of morale is. If the staff members are happy, that is a good sign. When the dental staff is treated well that results in better care and a positive working environment. Having a good initial visit causes a patient to feel like she or he has found a good dentist.

Another strong indicator is the company website. The website will provide patients with a good impression when the information is up to date, relevant, and well-organized. Overall, usually, the appearance is subjective and is an important part of the patient's evaluation of the dental practice.

Can You Trust the Orthodontist?

Like all professionals, the trustworthiness of a dental professional is critical. Good orthodontists need to be able to earn their patients' trust. Patients with problems related to their appearance tend to need to share a great deal of sensitive personal information. That is why it is so important that their information is kept confidential.

With all of the recent economic problems, there are some orthodontists who might generate phony diagnostics in order to overcharge patients. These practices are very unethical and no good orthodontists will engage in that activity. A good orthodontist keeps their patients best interests in mind at all times.

Being Humble

Successful orthodontists are humble. Both the staff and practitioner should show no arrogance whatsoever and demonstrate selflessness. They should be humble and modest in both presentation and demeanor. Humility is displayed as well through hard work that the orthodontist puts into making the patient always feel important.

When a good practitioner interacts with a patient, the sole focus should be on the person. They shouldn't allow any interruptions during the session unless it really is an emergency. Focusing on the patient without distractions offers the best patient care, and also reinforces the idea that every visit is important.

Expensive artwork or lavish furnishings in the office don't demonstrate that a dental practitioner is successful. Instead, it is critical that the needs of the patients are focused on and quality treatment is provided. Another important aspect is handling appointments on time to demonstrate respect for the patient's schedule and time.

Expertise in Both Braces & Invisalign®

Good orthodontist really love the work that they do, and are therefore always eager to obtain more knowledge about their field of practice. It is very important that health practitioners are confident, knowledgeable, and competent in their field, and that orthodontist needs to stay current. That is a very important trait for a practitioner to have since word will spread quickly if they are highly skilled, which will increase their customer base.

The leading orthodontists are always working to obtain more knowledge that goes beyond their initial training. There are always constant changes and improvements in oral care technologies. Practitioners need to continue to learn new techniques and skills to stay current with all of the changes and to provide their patients with the best results.

People Skills in Making Orthodontic Patients Feel at Ease

In this field, quality work, intelligence, and competence are essential. However, just those attributes by themselves don't make a good orthodontist. They are about 50% of the whole equation, with the other 50% being good at relating to other people. Many doctors have poor bedside manners. These practitioners might have all of the academic qualifications but when it comes to people skills and relationships, they have zero skills.

Good dental practitioners need to be able to interact well with patients. They need to make them feel comfortable and well cared for. Orthodontists need to show kindness to patients at all times, no matter what their income level, race or gender is.

Great at Listening

This might be in the people skills category, but it is a rare quality. To be a good orthodontist you need to be a good listener. Their experience teaches them to put aside whatever their own conceptions are regarding a patient's problem and listen to them. Their final judgments are made based on a combination of their professional knowledge and conversations with the patient.

Being Sensitive

Orthodontists deal exclusively with patients with concerns regarding their personal appearance. Therefore, being sensitive really helps to put patients at ease. Patients tend to feel embarrassed when describing to their dental professional how their appearance is affected by their teeth. That is why patients need to be reassured by the kindness and sensitivity of the orthodontist who is trying to solve their problem.

Good with Children at the Dental Office

This is another trait that can be considered part of the people skills category but is still a unique and important aspect to consider on its own. Some orthodontists might have really good people skills but still are not good with children. A good orthodontist can make kids feel comfortable during their visit about their treatment. Just like adults, kids will notice whether or not the dental professional is interacting well with them.

Good Reviews around Your Local Orthodontist Office

Good orthodontists naturally have good reviews. You can search online to find out what patients have to say about specific orthodontists. Even the finest orthodontists who provide the highest quality treatment don't always get five-star reviews.

However, you can identify a pattern. You will most likely be satisfied if most patients received adequate care from the practitioner. You can also find out what articles have been written about the practitioner and what awards they have received.

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