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Dental Implants Dentist

dental implants

Implant Surgery and Procedures

More people are using tooth implants to replace teeth than ever before. Implants are a near-permanent solution because the devices are actually fixed into your jawbone just like real teeth. They have one advantage over real teeth and that is, they cannot develop cavities. More info about dental implants here:

Unlike fixed bridges or dentures, they do not impact the neighboring teeth and do not contribute to bone loss in the jaw. As long as they are cared for well, they can last a lifetime.

What are the Components of Teeth Implants?

They are:

  1. The titanium implant
  2. The abutment
  3. The crown

Your dentist can go over each component in more detail with you when you go for a consultation. It may also give you peace of mind if you research the procedure more such as on Mayo Clinic or at

As for the benefits of these implants, you have no dietary restrictions to be concerned with and because they are embedded in the jaw, you can expect your bone to be preserved rather than prone to a loss. They look like real teeth but they do not get cavities like natural teeth do. They also do not slip or slide or allow food particles in like poor-fitting dentures do.

One of the best things about them is that they last a lifetime. Ordinary dentures or bridges only last about 7 or 15 years.


Dental Implant Surgeons

This is a form of surgery that must be done by a trained oral and facial surgeon. This is a specialist who has education and training in bone, skin, nerve and muscle complexities. In 2014, a study was done that showed the best surgery results were from trained implant surgeons.

After over 20 years of service, the majority of implant surgeries done by US oral and facial surgeons are still functioning perfectly. The people who received the surgeries are still very satisfied with their choice. These people received the earlier types of implants, too, and not those made with today’s technology.

What Are They Made of?

The implants are constructed of titanium metal that fuses with the jawbone. This is a process known as osseointegration. There is no fast track to this. It takes a few months after an implant for this to happen. This process is, however, why the implants do not slip or cause a person to whistle when they speak. Dentures can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, and they still need to be replaced every decade or so. Implants are permanent and are just like real teeth.

This is why more people are getting implants for missing teeth. These implants offer long-term benefits and embed in the jawbone like natural teeth. They never develop cavities and they never harm the other natural teeth. They also do not cause bone loss. When cared for properly, they can last your whole life.

Of course, implant surgery is just that. It is surgery, and it should be done by a trained surgeon called an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. An OMS has the right education and training in all the aspects of the skin, bone, muscles, and nerves that are involved in the implant surgery. This ensures that you get the best results.

The process of osseointegration is what fuses the jawbone with the titanium implant. This process takes a few months. There is no way around this, but the wait is worth it, because it is what allows the osseointegration to happen so that the implants make a perfect, natural, and comfortable fit wherever they are inserted in the mouth.


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